You're Invited!
"My Invitation to You, a Special Hand-Picked Soul Sister"

This is your personal invitation to join 
The Client Accelerator™ Mastermind.

The Client Accelerator™ Mastermind is a special community of coaches, speakers, intuitives, creators, writers, consultants, designers, and other heart-centred (amazing) ladies who don’t just talk about changing the world with their business.

They ARE – project by project.

THIS is for you whether you’re just getting started or been around the block for some time.


Because I see a lack of support in your business – support that only a committed collective of like-minded women in business can give you, and frankly, taking action alone will never work for any of us. 
This is why I’m inviting you to stop!
IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO STOP comparing yourself to other women out there, especially those who are supposedly making a killing...

While you're battling your shadows alone—trapped in a STOP-and-GO motion… and questioning why you’re not getting the momentum.
IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO STOP spending precious hours commenting, tweeting, FB liking other people’s stuff...

In the hopes that it will give you the traction you need to launch.
IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO STOP dealing with emotional lows, those downward spirals that make you question your ability... 

And feeling like a fraud, doubting yourself into inaction. 
IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO STOP feeling afraid to take the next step because... 

You're uncertain what needs to be done (+ HOW).
IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO STOP obsessing over details, because (um) you’re a detailed person and you couldn’t possibly put stuff out there that is less than perfect. 

So you spend way too much time in creative avoidance. 
IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO STOP looking for inspiration, encouragement and advice to help you finally find that EPIC breakthrough to kick your business into MOMENTUM.
Don't you agree?
PLAY THE VIDEO... to hear what Bridget says about being a member of the Client Accelerator™ Mastermind after just one month...
Darling heart, I’ve been stuck too, and that is why I’m calling you to experience an EPIC breakthrough.
"I love my life! Thanks to my business I'm travelling the world as a location-free 50 something digital nomad.

Every day, I get to collect moments that take my breath away."
 - Monika Mundell
Unless your business has consistent momentum, you’ll continue to experience these soul crushing moments.
  • Being STUCK in overwhelm is costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed profits. 
  • The LONGER you're stuck in this helpless situation, the higher the chances of you eventually becoming another business statistic. 
  • ​Only 1 in 100 women entrepreneurs are still around after 15 years in business. Do you want to be HER? I bet you do. ​
Yet somehow you always fall back into that crazy pattern.

In the GO moments you’re keyboard deep in a shiny new project. 

You feel activated, on fire, inspired, and ready to take on the world. 

But days later you might not feel the same inspiration. 

Soon enough, you’ll start to listen to that little voice in your head, and that’s when the stopping and stalling happens.
That’s when you start to compare yourself to others. Can you see the pattern?
Yes, I’m in your brain lovely.
It’s my gift—it’s what I do best.
Here’s the thing…

You’ve got a hard drive full of stuff.

Stuff you once bought with the intention of actioning

Some of that stuff might even be from me. 

This stuff is cluttering up your brain. 

It affects your creativity + your ability to see clearly what it is you’re supposed to be doing next.
In the hopes of experiencing that BIG breakthrough, you’ve bought group coaching courses, private mentoring, 4-week courses, one-day workshops, etc. to solve your problem(s). BUT…

I’m telling you now – the problem is NEVER solved!
NEVER! Every time you think you’ve got the answers, a new problem presents itself.
Tech issues, copywriting, design challenges, social media, launch funnel design, email marketing, systemising… the list of challenges never ends. 

Not for you. Not for me.
This is why being a member of the Client Accelerator™ Mastermind is an invitation you do not want to pass over, if you want to successfully challenge your inner demons.
After coaching hundreds of women, and teaching thousands with my courses and programs, I KNOW that in order to launch your ideas and get momentum you need more than just a vision and action.

You also need rock-solid SUPPORT.
And there has to be an energy exchange for it to work!

Hence your invitation to join this paid-members-only, collaboration circle.
Just look at all the free stuff you’ve downloaded over the years, gathering virtual dust on your hard drive. 

Sure, some of it is “nice” and may have helped you achieve something. 

But it was free… and free often equals forgotten. Not valued. Not actioned.
I want to help + support my community, but there has to be an active energy exchange to make it work.

ACTION gets things started (which you did).

SUPPORT helps you overcome the hurdles that STOP you from reaching your business goals (you need support more than anything else right now).
The Client Accelerator™ Mastermind is a 12-month, get-it-launched circle (with mastermind-level support). 

(You can launch as many ideas as you want.)
  • Need feedback on your copy? DONE...
  • Want to run your next launch idea past me? PLEASE...
  • ​Ready to open the sales floodgates? NOW WE'RE TALKING...
  • ​Struggle with techie stuff? EASY SOLVED...
  • ​Want to make marketing deliciously dreamy, fun + profitable? LET’S DO THIS...
  • ​Need a crisis pep talk? I’VE GOT YOUR BACK, LOVELY!
Here's what happened when I launched this exact Mastermind model a couple of years ago under a different name...
“I love Monika’s energy, enthusiasm and sparkle. I needed support to get my projects moving and perhaps accountability to move me forward. I also knew that Monika’s special talents for holding a clear, creative space would be of immense benefit.
I’ve been part of this amazing community for just three months and already launched a retreat that has been a long time in the making, and have had an excellent response to this.

Belinda McDonald, Sacred Soul Alchemist, Healer, Writer, Channel & Mentor,
"I am loving this coaching program Nika. 
You are really positive and affirming and gentle when I need a little space to slump. 
The content you are offering is excellent, useful, practical and effective

And the way you’ve brought in the book project for us has been a great way to get me inspired about my own offerings and pull it into a more cohesive whole."
Louise Geary, Facilitator of Sacred Feminine Connection,
"This program has changed my business and cash-flow beyond recognition! Monika's guidance has taken me from a monthly money struggle to a place where I confidently and consistently hit my income targets and have the determination to reach for the next big goal.

Where I previously had vague ideas and half-hearted ambitions I now have a website full of kick-ass copy and absolutely no hesitation in finding and serving a growing list of ideal clients (not to mention helping me reach International Best-Selling status as a co-author and editor!) "

Assisi Chant, Word Whisperer
The Client Accelerator™ Mastermind isn’t a trial community!
You’re in or you’re not.

This is an open invitation for female entrepreneurs who want to experience serious success. I'm talking 6-figure plus income and amazing freedom lifestyles.
So when you join us, commit to it fully for 12-months. 
To assure you get the best results. 

Promise yourself to pay for the Client Accelerator™ Mastermind in full… 
By taking imperfect action every single day.
And I promise to be there alongside you, every step of the way!

LIMITED spots available at this price…

Client Accelerator™ Mastermind is already live and kicking.
You can join us for just USD $97 a month at a limited-time grandfathered price. 

Or go all in (yes, you're my kind of woman) and pay USD $997 / year now to get two months for free.

Can you see how this Mastermind will shortcut your success?

Never operate in a lonely bubble again! 
If this speaks to you at all, I’d love you to join us today, before the price goes up, because when it does, you’ll never be able to get in for this crazy-low admission.
Here’s how Client Accelerator™ Mastermind will change the way you do business – forever.
  • You get monthly accelerator guides (MAGs) to help you simplify all the annoying tasks of creating and launching an idea / product / course. I’m going to give you a backstage pass to what’s working in my business – RIGHT NOW!
  • ​If you ask for it, I have a huge repository of simple screenshot videos to help you successfully defeat technical gremlins. Need help with TECH? Chances are I’ve got a training that can help.
  • ​You get expert copy feedback during our live Q&A session twice a month on the 8th and the 18th! Yep, I’m a little crazy there offering this, but I know you soooo need this. So voila. You’re welcome. 
  • ​You get 1 x 45-Minute Zoom Breakthrough Momentum Call with me to help you get traction after you sign up. These calls are designed to help you focus on the projects, goals and task that are bringing you the most sales. Oh yeah, they usually cost USD$500.
  • ​You get access to a secret, private Facebook group where most of the action takes place. Any marketing questions should be posted in the forum (or you can use our monthly HOT SEAT coaching calls to get customised feedback just for you). 
  • ​Get weekly, on-the-spot answers to your most urgent questions to give you instant support with live office hours. Office hours will happen at different times / days every week, to accommodate all member timezones. These events are not mandatory – they simply exist to give you another level of support.
What’s in the monthly MAGs?
Each month I'll share hot-of-the-press strategies that are working in my business (or a client's business who would love to share the spotlight).

In addition, you can request access to my all-time favourite playbooks that will help you get traction...
Imagine, how in just a few short months you could:
  • Escape the time-for-money pit trapping you and stopping you from being able to LEVERAGE your potential as a female entrepreneur...
  • ​Get paid top dollars for your expertise and cash in on your genius, without begging clients to work with you or discounting your services...
  • ​Learn to write magnetic messages that open the sales floodgates...
  • Stop making all the classic mistakes that are stopping the sale...
  • ​Discover exactly what content to create for the fastest results...
  • ​Eliminate the guesswork and KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that you're on the right track...
  • ​Access my organic social media strategy that brings new dream clients to your front door—FOR FREE. 
Who do you want to be 12 months from now?
A.) Do you (finally) want the recognition, momentum, street-cred and satisfaction of running a business you love, a business that affords you the life you dream about?
B.) Or do you want to continue to operate in a lonely vacuum, struggling to launch your awesomeness + forever wrestling with the details in your business?
I bet you want A.
Never operate in a lonely bubble again! 
Lovely, would you love being able to put an end to lonely-bubble marketing?

I bet you do!

Because it’s frustrating. It's lonely and it makes you feel unworthy of success.
I created Client Accelerator™ Mastermind to give you the SUPPORT you need. 

You get the support you need to achieve your goals, get traction and accelerate sales—whether it takes 4 weeks or 11 months.
You CAN do this. 

And I’ll be there beside you, every step of the way.
Nika xo
Got questions? I've got answers...
So, how does this work?
You’ll get access to a private Facebook group where you can network, ask questions and showcase your awesomeness. 

You get mastermind-level support from me, for a fraction of the usual investment. 

Why? Because you’ve suffered in a private lonely vacuum for too long.

I’ll be there every step of the way to help you get unstuck, help you recognise the bullshit (+ move forward).
What makes this different from other classes?
Client Accelerator™ Mastermind isn’t a class. It’s an accountability community, with epic doers + support. Every member is committed to tackling their “Big Scary Goals” right along with you.

You get access to Hot Seat Calls, Q&A Calls, Special Work-a-Thon Challenges to get shit done, 24/7 micro coaching in the group, our own virtual office space to work alongside like-minded women in business, collaboration opportunities and much more.
Can I cancel before the year is up?
If you select the yearly membership you're in for a year. I call this EPIC commitment. 

Client Accelerator™ Mastermind has been created to help you get results. And you’re not going to get them if you give up. This is a full 12-month commitment, with a 14-day Money Back Time Guarantee. If you're thinking about cancelling already, this is not for you lovely.

If you choose the monthly option you can cancel any time. But why would you when you can get amazing results like my mastermind siSTARS who are taking imperfect action.
How much time will I get with you?
You’ll get 1 x 45-minute coaching call when you first join. 

Plus I’ll be prowling around the group every day to dish out encouragement + support.
And then there are the LIVE chats… the hot seat calls, the office hours, the special get-shit-done work-a-thons, the micro coaching 24/7… and the mastermind-level support… lots of really crazy value you deserve.
I’m an established business chic, do I need this?
YES you do. You need support as much as the woman who is just getting started. 

You need a sounding board for your shiny new ideas, you need a coach to stand by you when things don’t work to plan, you need a support group that has sworn itself to commitment + supporting each other. 
I’m too busy for this.
Yeah, so is Jennifer Lopez.

And Richard Branson.

We all get the same 24 hours, lovely. Your business won’t get easier unless you get clearer, more focused and start taking the right action.
I can’t afford $97/month!
Darling heart: if you really think that, maybe you shouldn’t be in business. And I say this with love for your brilliance, because if that's you right now you need this more than anyone.

Here’s the thing, it takes ONE coaching call to pay for this membership or one product sale. There’s literally dozens of ways to earn the money to join the mastermind. But that’s all besides the point. 

Because if you’re thinking, “Oh that all sounds great, but I’m really struggling right now, financially” —you need this more than anyone, because the reason you’re struggling is because you haven’t taken consistent + focused action. And you probably haven’t had the SUPPORT you need to overcome techie gremlins, launch hurdles + self-worth issues.
Will this really work for me?
I think so. I really do. I think you’ve got this.

I know you can.
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